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Together with the Massachusetts Cultural Council,
our mission is to promote excellence, access, and diversity
in the Arts, Humanities, and Interpretive Sciences, and to bring
entertaining, educational and enlightening events to our community.

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Many of our pages are updated regularly --
so please refresh these pages often!
- this page last updated on 6/22/21 -
(DON'T MISS this month's notable events at the bottom of the page!)
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      The MASS CULTURAL COUNCIL is working to ease         
   the effects of the viral pandemic on cultural institutions and artists.   

   Click here to read the latest news from the MCC about dealing with the pandemic's effects on cultural institutions.

To Our Patrons: The AGAWAM SENIOR CENTER is beginning
the process of re-opening to the public.
They are taking phone calls at: (413) 821-0604.
They are now open without appointments,
Monday - Thursday 9 AM to 7 PM, Fridays 10 - 6.

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   SUMMERFEST outdoor concerts begin JULY 7th!   
The Cultural Council will be running our weekly and Grand Prize Raffles, too!
Watch this and our SummerFest pages for details on the scheduled performers, dates,
and any pandemic restrictions that may apply.

~ ~ ~

News of our "Plan Your Own Day" BUS TRIPS to New York City:
We are considering returning to our usual schedule with a November trip.
Tickets would likely become available October 1st, 2021.
Watch for details to be posted here,
and on our "Bus Trips" page.

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The Council is proud to announce the winners of its

Click here to see the full Press Release, along with pictures of some of the winners.

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  As a courtesy to our community, click the CDC logo at left
^^^      for a wide range of information, answers and resources
on CoVid19 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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The Small Business Administration
offers Federal emergency assistance for eligible Arts venues
( Shuttered Venue Operators Grant )

affected by the COVID pandemic. Read specifics here.
Or you can visit the SBA website for detailed information and instructions.

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News of the GRANT CYCLE for FY-2021


Because of the delays caused by the CoVid19 pandemic, the Massachusetts Cultural Council had pushed back the date to apply for a FY-2021 Grant from the Agawam Cultural Council to December 14th, 2020.
That window is now closed, and the ACC has considered all applications received.
 All applicants should have been notified of our decisions via e-mail 
 no later than February 28, 2021. 

Please see our Grants page for full details, FAQs and instructions.

Click here to find general details about the MCC's Grants Program.
If you applied for a grant, and receive notification that you
will be receiving funding from the ACC, Congratulations!

Please click here to find out what to do next.
Printable reimbursement forms may be found here.

To view recipients of our FY-2020 grants,
please select the "Funding List" tab on our MCC page, here.

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Calling ARTISTS in all fields -- Looking for funding / exposure for your work?
For ArtSake, click here and follow the links to find ideas and opportunities for artists,
PLUS information on fellowships, apprenticeships, work spaces and more!
~ ~ ~


OF INTEREST : Essays on "Living and Sustaining a Creative Life" written by working artists,
collected and edited by artist and educator, Sharon Louden.

- / / / -

          MEET  THE  ARTIST!
Each month the Agawam Community Artists and Artisans spotlights one of
its members. This month's Spotlight is on artist, Joe Burger.
The Agawam Community Artists and Artisans are currently
displaying their art in the Cooper's Commons building
                  at 159 Main Street in Agawam. All these works are for sale,
           and more are available by contacting the artists.
           Scroll down to our "Recommended" section for full details,
       PLUS a selection of sample works
       (including works by JOE BURGER).

Are you a fan of local professional Theatre?      
Many venues are working their way back to live performances.
Even if you aren't a subscriber, it's a good idea to check in at websites such as the MAJESTIC THEATER in West Springfield for updates
on their restored live performance seasons.
( Find other theaters in Western Mass on Our Favorite Links page.)
** And see our "Recommended" box below,    
    for a special behind-the-scenes treat! **


- / / / -

The 17th Applause Series season has just concluded.
Click the banner above to find the complete past season.

NEW: Applause Series events are now being carried by
Southwick's Channel 15!
  Find them here.  

During the Covid pandemic, all 17th APPLAUSE SERIES events
were virtual only, shown on Agawam's (Comcast) Channel 15.
Many are still available for viewing On Demand
via the Agawam Public Media website,
and on the Agawam Cultural Council's YouTube channel.

The first 18th Series event in September will also be virtual,
broadcast over channel 15.
But we hope to resume LIVE performances in October!
Watch this, or our Applause Series page for notice of our 18th Season
beginning in September of 2021.

As you may know, we normally accept free will donations at all our
Applause Series events, to help support the cost of each performance.
Fully 40% of the funding for these events comes from
the generous donations we receive; no state monies are used.

( Read the REMINDER article about our donation shortfall.)
If, after viewing any of our video events you are so inclined,
we hope you will consider making a "socially distanced" donation
to support our efforts to Give Back to the Community.
If you wish, you may click the green "DONATE" button above,
to donate securely online by electronic check or credit card.
Or if you'd rather, you may mail a check in any amount,
made payable to the Agawam Cultural Council, to:
Agawam Cultural Council,  c/o Town Hall,  36 Main Street,
Agawam MA 01001

- / / / -

There's an exciting new initiative across the state to prove it --
find details, and what it can mean to our community, here.

(Courtesy: NPR / WAMC )

Curious about who we are and what we do?
Check out this article on MassLive by Christine White (Special to The Republican).
<<<   Or visit our About Us page.

Watch your Cultural Council in action!

The public is invited to attend -- and participate in -- any
monthly meeting* of the Agawam Cultural Council.

Click here for the 2019 / 2020 meeting schedule.
(* Public input is restricted only during November grant voting meetings.)

Details on how the public may join a meeting are on our Meetings page.


Cultural Council events are coming to your TV!
Watch Agawam Media Television
- Comcast cable Channel 15 -
for recorded versions of Cultural Council and Town events!



     This Month, The ACC RECOMMENDS:

          ART ON VIEW   (and for SALE!)
The Agawam Community Artists and Artisans are currently displaying their art in the Cooper's Commons building
at 159 Main Street in Agawam. (map)
All the works are being offered for sale, as well.

 <<<    Click the ACA&A logo at left for details and contact info,         
                      PLUS a gallery of artwork available for purchase!



The theater has created a free online series called "Behind the Curtain",
wherein Producing Director Danny Eaton interviews
a special guest, intimately involved with a particular production.
Join them online for the inside story on your favorite performers and shows!
For a complete list of "Behind The Curtain" episodes, please click here,
then watch the episode of your choice on YouTube.

  NEW!: An online reading of "The Lady Slipper ", a new play by Danny Eaton!
                         Watch it NOW on YouTube. Read about it here.
     PLUS - a selection of Majestic Children's Theater productions are
                 available to watch NOW!   Click here to watch any of your choice.

       ** And look for details of the new online PLAYWRITING WORKSHOP , **
               held every Wednesday for six weeks, beginning June 17th, 2020.
  Space is limited!  Click here to register for the next available 6-week session.


' Where Are The Women? '
Uncovering The Lost Works Of Female Renaissance Artists

- - -
Florence, Italy is one of the main stops on any art lover's itinerary. Visitors can have their fill
of works by Renaissance masters such as
Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael.
Of course, none of these artists are women. So, in 2009 a new nonprofit foundation in Florence called "Advancing Women Artists" started to investigate why ...
^^ Click the image above for Sylvia Poggioli's 2021 NPR story on
the push to finally recognize these Renaissance women masters.

( Courtesy of WKMS-fm radio & NPR. )


The ACC supports young international filmakers ...

We've heard about a young videographer practicing his craft in Vadodara, India.
Follow his progress on YouTube, with his coverage of a women's footrace
in celebration of International Women's Day.
Watch for more from "Kittu on The Fly"!


Can you help tell the story of Native American life
along the Connecticut River?

A new project is being planned to explore the culture of local indigenous peoples.
Click the image above to find out how you can help.


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